Projects on hold. Working on a new game with someone!

Hi everyone! I’ve met a guy over JGO and he’s awesome. I’ve asked if he would like to make a game with me, and he said yes! (I’m sure he thinks I’m awesome as well. No doubt about it)

So after a few days I’ve come to a simple game I would like to make with him. I guess I’m more of the design kind of guy, rather than programmer? Anyway, I’ve designed the game to be made in 3 steps. That way we make a playable version very soon, but also very limited in content and graphics or sounds. Step 2 adds more content and sets the ground rules for the final product. Step 3 is going to be a bit hard to do so, but I’m not alone! I think we can do this, and I think it will be great!

The game is going to be free, of course, with both desktop application and an applet to play online without having to download or install anything. Due to the game’s language (Java), and its theme, I think a port to android is possible. In the end, I want to reach as many players as I can.

So, I’ve put my personal projects on hold to work with this guy, and I hope I can bring you something very soon! See you!


Starting a dev blog!

Hello every one! đŸ™‚

My name is Alejandro Melucci, but the Internets shall know me as _Al3x (read alex, btw).

I’m (yet another) indie game developer. I’m just starting out but I think (and hope so) that I can bring cool ideas to make fun games. But fun comes in many flavours, so I’ll be doing games both for child and more mature audience. The idea is to tell stories that catch your attention, that lets you wondering “Why?”, “Who’s behind all this?”, “How can I overcome the situation?”, “How will I survive!?”.

Long lasting experiences that remain both in your Hard Drive and in your mind.

But to get there, there’s a roud I have to go through. So I’ll start making simple, short free games. All the games that I have planned serve a propouse, and that is to test game mechanics, game designs, technologies, libraries, gain more experience, to finally be aviable to develop my insignia game. The name is secret now, but I’ll let you know it’s code name: AT. The code name is relative to the final name.

AT is going to be a bit huge, and that’s why I need to get a lot better to be aviable to develop it. In the mean time, enjoy the shorter, free games I’ll be developing!

So keep tuned for news, feel free to write me whatever you want and I’ll make sure to try hard to reply asap.

Until next post, I’ll see you guys!